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About Mary’s Shoe Blog

Hi, thank you for coming to my blog, I’m Mary Courtney.

I started this blog after a suggestion from my friend Danielle. You see I was constantly telling her about my shoes (specifically athletic ones). She said I had some really smart and well thought out opinions, and that keeping them to myself was selfish. I think she was a bit over the top, but she was definitely right, not sharing my knowledge and love of running shoes was a sin.

I (like most women) have always had a love of shoes, but not just high heels or Ugg Boots, but mainly athletic shoes. I have even experimented with starting my own shoe store with my partner Todd. My shoe startup has had its ups and downs but it survived and is still growing.

When I was younger I would love to go on running trips with my dad. Seeing my interest, he soon started taking me on longer and longer trips. Eventually my feet started hurting on a regular basis because of this. When I told my dad he immediately went out and got me a pair of Adidas shoes—not some pink girly ones. They were proper grown up athletic shoes. After that, no more foot pain after running, so thanks dad! Anyway that’s where my love about shoes and running comes from.