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The Nike Flyknit Air Max Women’s Running Shoe Review

As purveyors of comfort, quality and durability, the high end shoe company, Nike is not only a trailblazing company in the shoe industry but also the number one choice for a majority of Americans. Found in the upper echelons of the shoe industry, Nike is a formidable brand that is recognized and respected throughout the world especially due to their impeccable, high end shoe designs like the new Nike Flyknit Air Max women’s running shoe.

As a hobbyhorse of Nike industries, the Nike Flyknit Air Max unquestionably redefines the realm of women’s running shoes. The shoe has been wangled with a series of ground-breaking design features and a new stylish look that not only offers the user maximum support, but also ensures maximum comfort is realized during workouts and running sessions. Like any other Flyknit shoe, the Nike Flyknit Max employs the use of all the three prime Nike Technologies; Flyknit, Flywire and Airmax. In addition the shoe comes with a superior support system and is available in a wide range of colors that provides the shoe with a sharper look that will undeniably appeal to all tastes.

As a technology that has been in use for some time, the Flyknit technology has been tested and proven to be one of the most popular technologies among athletes. The Nike Flyknit Air Max women running shoe was conceived after an extensive research that was conducted by Nike, as they were bidding to discover what athletes would want to put on in the future. This piece of technology allowed engineers to carefully design the areas of support and breathability into a rather seamless upper, which in turn offers the user a much superior, comfortable and lightweight fit.

The incorporation of the Flywire technology, allowed the designers to integrate the Flyknit technology with the laces, in turn providing a more dynamic, supportive and customizable fit. Another noticeable design feature is the waffle outsole which is responsible of offering a much better traction and a rather smoother ride. The Nike Flyknit Air Max women’s running shoes also features a full length air Max unit that makes the shoe very comfortable and breathable.

Another outstanding feature is the Fitsole 2 design which is able to offer the user more cushioning when in action together with a trimmer fit. To achieve a rather flexible and natural motion, Nike industries decided to align the flex grooves on the shoes with the air max unit. Due to the incorporation of the Flyknit technology, the Flyknit Air Max weighs an approximated 9.0 0z. Due to its versatility, the Nike Flyknit is suitable for a wide range of training activities like road and track running, training and much more.