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You Must Have Some Funky Workout Capris from

Because training is as much about the outfit as it is the workout, I was stoked to find these awesome floral workout tights at (which I might add is now my new go to online store for workout gear).

Move over plain black with maybe some panels of colour or contrast edging. These training Capris are all about personality. They just look so pretty, don’t they? But enough of my gushing over all things floral, here are some helpful pointers about how these feel and perform. There’s lots of patterns to choose from also.

Fit/Comfort: Seriously so comfortable. I kind of forgot I was wearing them during my workout. They didn’t ride up, slip down, cut in, or anything else. The wide waistband is perfect. I have to admit, I am guilty of not taking these off right after I got home from my sweaty workout either. There, I said it. Don’t hate J.

Value: I found the price point of $48 very reasonable. I must admit I did hold my breath because I had no way of knowing what they’d be like as my first purchase, but I’m so glad I hit that buy button. Many items qualify for free shipping, so big incentive there. I could totally wear these to breakfast after and feel fine. After receiving and wearing these I wouldn’t hesitate again.

Quality/Care: These workout tights are put together well. The stitching is solid and the polyester blend material is excellent. It has moisture management as well so no sticky, sweaty feeling. Best thing ever is you just pop into the washing machine and they come out looking bright and happy, and of course my favourite thing about training clothes, no need to iron. Top quality for price and they definitely deliver on their promise for me.

User-Friendly Ordering: Definitely. You can join their Winners Circle club for more discounts. I really liked the track your order feature and the checkout was painless. I have left sales behind before because of clunky online ordering interfaces, so very pleased. There’s a gift card service to for anyone who wants to know what to get me on my birthday. Haha.

What I love about is the funky designs they have, and also a great stock of brand names. The sizing is quite generous in most items, and you can get plenty of bargain and free shipping gear. I’ve gotten hooked on training gear, as has the rest of us. I know it’s meant to be functional but other stuff is a little boring.

I didn’t want to be limited in my fashion expression just because I was doing a workout. Now I don’t have to be. When I get up very early mornings all bleary-eyed, these perk me up and get me in the right headspace to go smash out my workout.

Best thing is I know I can go ahead and choose some shoes that I loved, and a few tops, and be confident I’ll like them. The worst part is they also sell fabulous accessories, and so I’ll need to find some serious justification for spending money on those. We all need the perfect sunglasses and socks, don’t we?